Yoon Jung is a woman longing for stability and struggling with the fact that her boyfriend of five years – aka the man she’s set on marrying – may not actually be the perfect catch she thought he was. In fact, he’s often distant and there’s a clear lack of communication between the two as he shuts down any difficult topic she brings up, the excuse always being that he doesn’t want to fight. In an attempt to bridge the gap that’s grown between them and spark new interest, Yoon Jung initiates phone sex, only to later realize she dialed the wrong number. Enter Hyun Seung, a man recently out of a seven-year relationship, who happens to be on the receiving end of the call.

WW-iii“Whatcha Wearin’?,” also known as “My PS Partner,” feels fairly realistic for a rom-com while maintaining a hilarious (and sometimes raunchy) sense of humor. The giddiness, hesitation, and internal turmoil of both leads feels very genuine, and it’s touching to watch as they navigate their budding friendship. United in heartache, Yoon Jung and Hyun Seung comfort and support each other in a completely honest and sincere way.

Their relationship is often foiled and contrasted with that of Yoon Jung and her boyfriend, Seung Joon. The difference is stark when comparing the level of respect involved. Seung Joon repeatedly puts himself and his wishes first, and over the years our leading lady has compromised herself and her feelings in order to satisfy him. Hyun Seung’s presence forces her to rethink her relationship and finally take off her rose-colored glasses.

“Whatcha Wearin’?” does contain mature content in the form of sex scenes, nudity, and what could be considered crude language, but it never feels heavy-handed or out of place. The cinematography and editing are also noteworthy, often enhancing both dramatic and comedic scenes via excellent composition and well-placed cuts.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, I’d highly recommend this movie to anyone in the market for a good romantic comedy, but only with the added warning: prepare for a ton of laughs and a fantastic love song that has the potential to get stuck in your head for days.


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