Get excited to watch Well Go USA’s Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe. It’s pretty easy to with such a great cast and intriguing story. Oftentimes fantasy movies have an overwhelming amount of special effects that can distract from the characters and plot. However, with Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, there was just the right amount to pump up the action and bring in all the necessary elements for a great a movie. Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe weaves past and present together in this intricate tale of how one man’s bloodline would be the key to survival for an entire race of mythical beings.  If you have had a long week and fantasy action is your thing, this movie will be just the pick-me-up you need.

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

It starts off with a bashful love story inconspicuously placed square in the middle of a secret government excavation. A brave team of volunteer soldiers risk their lives to explore a newly discovered underground cave. After overcoming several life-threatening encounters, survivors find their way back. Although the movie was full of action from start to finish, it definitely picked up shortly after this. Our hero, played by Mark Chao, never let go of the past and all he lost in that fateful time. Nor did the past let go of him. It came back emotionlessly violent. This is a great movie to get lost in. It has a “never-ending story” feel that could be built upon more and more. It’s great that some pieces of the story remained hidden.  Just enough secrets surrounding the ancient society were revealed to draw interest and relevance. Though it could definitely spin off into an interesting piece of its own. Chao and his co-star Yao Chen were beautiful together. The entire cast were pretty good and there are several supporting cast members playing memorable characters that are comedic or just plain cool.

Of course there is always room for improvement in almost any work. The script is a bit awkward at times, however, this may be a result of subtitles and translation. So it’s very easy to overlook. Overall, Chronicles of the Lost Tribe took a moderately complex story and made it pleasantly simple and easy to follow. There is magic and sorcery, good guys with a heart of gold and cool guys who never give up. It’s is a formula for success.

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