Joey, also known as The Anime Man, is calling out to all anime lovers to help him create the Top 100 Anime of All Time according to the International Community! He asks all fans of the genre to share and spread the word about his poll and wants to know what the international anime community considers their favorite!

This poll comes as a response to the Top 100 Anime of All Time According to Japan, to which he has created a reaction video on his YouTube channel!

So this is your chance, anime fans, to let your voices be heard and tell not only Joey but the entire international community what you consider to be the best of the best! Check out the video for further details and what exactly he plans to do with his poll and share it with the entire anime community!

Link to the poll is located here.  Please continue to share and spread the word! 

(The Anime Man Official YouTube)


Sound Off! Share Your Opinions...

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