1sagain makes his comeback with the smooth and calming track “Fade Away.”  Nuun’s soft and airy vocals have the ability to calm even the most savage of beasts, and 1sagain’s verses are not only soothing, but emotional as well. The lyrics focus on the feeling of longing for someone who is no longer in your life. As time goes on the memories you have of the person will most likely fade away.

The music video reflects these emotions as we watch a young woman listen to music as she begins to think of her past love. The audience also catches glimpses of the man who looks on at an unsuspecting group of people having fun. The video ends with the woman breaking down into tears realizing that she is still without her love.


“Fade Away” is the type of song that you play on rainy days when you’re in your feelings. Its simple, sweet, and pulls on your heartstrings.


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