This week’s installment of 1theK Random Play mixes the diverse vocal talents of Sunwoo Jung-a with the ladies of The Barbarettes, a group known for their doo-wop sound and wonderful harmonies. Released in late April, the music video currently sits at just over 60,700 views.

Who Are We Listening To:
Sunwoo Jung-a is a musician not bound by genre — with over ten years in the South Korean music industry, she’s worked with artists such as 2NE1, GD & TOP and Lee Hi. Last year saw her working both as a singer and as a co-composer and co-lyricist with renowned solo artist, IU. Sunwoo is currently signed to Magic Strawberry Sound.

The Barbarettes, currently signed with EggPlant, are often described as the “time travel girl group,” with their doo-wop sound, covering classics as well as creating their own music. The group has been through some line-up changes with original member Kim Eun-hye leaving the group in 2015, replaced by Kyeong Seon. Recently another original member, Park So-hee, announced she would be leaving the group, taking the Barbarettes down to Kyeong and the group’s creator, An Shinae.

What’s A Hit:
As stated above, Sunwoo Jung-a has worked with a lot of fairly big names in South Korean music; it seems, however, that she apparently has trouble charting with her own music. This release, “Outside the Charts,” references exactly that — only instead of being a cynical jab one might expect, it’s a soft, beautifully harmonized assertion that “the rank isn’t important” and “let’s be healthy and do music for a long, long time.”

Another favorite piece in the music video itself is at 1:58 when they sing about escaping the world of [the chart’s] confusing numbers and just enjoying music, switching from personas into their everyday comfortable selves. It’s a neat little visualization of the lyrics and their meaning.

What’s A Miss:
It’s not exactly a miss, to be honest, but I was hoping for a little more of a ‘50s/‘60s feel for the tune. Still, the song brings some absolutely subtle, gorgeous harmonies that will hopefully connect with the listener.

1theK Random Play is a weekly feature for music videos posted to 1theK’s official YouTube channel. Chosen videos will have under 100,000 views and offer the opportunity for readers to be introduced to lesser-known Korean artists.

(YouTube, MSB, EggPlantHouse of Dragonfly.)

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