Ahead of his participation with “Asia on Tour,” it feels imperative that we revisit some of Miyavi’s most epic performances just to give concertgoers a taste of what they’ll be in for. So here’s a (very small) list of some of the guitar god’s most epically epic performances over the years. Thanks to cbkurs1, yolo land, myv382tokyo, damonicinsanity and Nowayfarer Guitarist for their efforts in providing live footage of some of Miyavi’s most epic performances. Check out their YouTube channels for more!

01 SKIN Live Concert at Long Beach Anime Expo; 2007

There’s seriously nothing more epic than the most legendary artists to ever come out of Japan teaming up to form a unit. But in 2007, that’s just what they did. Founding members Yoshiki and Gackt enlisted Luna Sea guitarist and violinist Sugizo and, of course, Miyavi to form the band S.K.I.N. The quartet had a single performance in 2007–this one at the Long Beach Anime Expo– before mysteriously ending all activity together the same year.

(Video by cbkurs1)

02 “Girls Be Ambitious”; The Beginning of NEO VIZUALISM Tour; 2007

The sheer amount of visual and aural stimulation in this performance is enough to drive anyone insane. If the response from the crowd is any indication, that’s exactly what happened when Miyavi started playing this tune. Though sharing the stage with a host of visual performers (DJs, dancers, painters, etc.), the explosiveness of sound and the chilling sharpness of his voice propel the action, almost overshadowing anything else happening.

(Video by yolo land)

03 “Survive”; Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour; New York; 2010

This. Performance. Is. SEX! More than just his sheer energy, the man knows how to work a crowd. This is a small sample of just how ethereal Miyavi is when he’s on stage, how he can hold an audience in the palm of his hand, suspend a moment for what seems like days and have each person shriek at a flex of his finger.

(video by myv382tokyo)

04 “What’s My Name?”; One Movement Festival; Perth, Australia; 2011

Quite frankly, it ain’t a list about epic performances if we don’t include one of Miyavi’s most ruthlessly technical and badass tracks. Released in 2010, any early performances of this piece are just hard-to-the-core! There are no words, honestly. Just watch!

(Video by damonicinsanity)

05 “Horizon”; We Are The Others Tour; The Bataclan; France; 2015

In his near two decades as a performer, Miyavi’s only gotten better. His performances in recent years have become more polished, but the passion, energy, pure emotional aggression with which he attacks every song proves that none of the grit or heart has diminished. His performance at Paris’s legendary Bataclan is testament to that fact.

Did I already mention what this man does to an audience? What you see in this clip isn’t just the zoom on the camera. Miyavi interacts with his audience almost better than any performer out there, getting in close, smiling, winking. He’s a relentless flirt on stage, almost daring you not to look at him.

(Video by Nowayfarer Guitarist)


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