On June 5, 2018 Kim Yubin released her first solo song titled “Lady.” The former Wonder Girls main rapper shows off her stunning vocals in the ’80s-influenced track, complete with a retro, psychedelic music video. The song had an accompanying B-side, titled “City Love,” but it wasn’t released due to copyright issues.

As expected from an industry veteran, Yubin is anything but shy in her first solo endeavor. “Lady” is a perfect tribute to disco pop with its nostalgic synths. There are also sprinkles of rock evident in the instrumentals — most noticeable is an electric guitar shredding as the last chorus comes around. The lyrics address a potential love interest who is too slow to make a move and calculating in their advances, so Yubin asks them to hurry up and make a decision or be left in the dust seeing as she’s “a busy woman.”

The music video is a treat with its homages to ’80s videos, almost like a time capsule. The highlight is definitely the nightlife scenes with all the neon signs in Chinese characters. The camerawork as well gives the video a retro feel, like the crew shot with a camera three decades old.

Did you enjoy Yubin’s first solo song?


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