It’s only January, and already 2017 seems to be the gift that keeps on giving — musically, at least. On Jan. 3, Tiger JK hinted via Instagram that Yoon Mi-rae (aka Tasha, aka Queen T) plans on releasing the long-anticipated follow-up to her classic album “GEMINI.”


After news that Tiger was officially retiring his “Drunken Tiger” moniker, fans panicked, mistaking the news for an announcement of the legendary Korean hip-hop artist’s retirement from the industry for good. In the midst of the fury and eventual clarification, Tiger took to Instagram, a picture of the gorgeous Yoon Mi-rae from her photoshoot with STAR Korea on display, and informed fans that he was “recording Yoon Mi-rae[‘s] next ‘GEMINI’ album.”

The news came as a shock (and a pleasant surprise) to Tasha and MFBTY fans alike. The follow-up to the classic “GEMINI” has long been a fan wish since the album’s 2002 release. As it was only officially available in Korea and Japan, fans are no doubt chomping at the bit for word of the supposed follow-up’s release. Since there is no official release date or even any word from the artist herself teasing at a “GEMINI” sequel, it remains to be seen if we’ll actually be getting a full-length rap album, or if this is just a bit of overzealsness on the part of Tasha’s biggest fanboy.

However, the Feel Ghood family is known for releasing music for music’s sake and whenever the mood strikes — brilliant from an artist perspective , but torture on fans’s souls as they’re constantly surprised with new music or anticipating more classics from the BizzyTigerYoonmirae outfit. If another “GEMINI” is on the horizon, it’s no doubt going to jam-packed with features from the entire Feel Ghood family, new members and old.

No matter what, though, it’s probable we’ll get information from Tiger and Tasha one way or another — they can never keep exciting surprises from their fans!

For old and new fans alike, here’s a sample to tide us over until we get more news.

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