The news of Kevin Hart‘s infidelity with his wife Eniko Parrish came as a shock to the public back in October of 2017. The two have been married since 2016 and were about to celebrate the birth of their son, so when the popular comedian took to Instagram to announce the scandal, it did not sit well with the majority of his friends and fans. What’s even more shocking, though, is Hart’s revisit of the incident through the arrival of “Kevin’s Heart,” the music video for the identically named song from J. Cole‘s new album “KOD”.

According to J. Cole,  the idea for “Kevin’s Heart” came unexpectedly while he was on a family vacation with his wife. When his wife stumbled upon Hart’s Instagram post, it struck a conversation between herself and J. Cole about infidelity. Hart, who readily agreed to work with both J. Cole and Dreamville in-house film-maker Scott Lazer, addresses both criticism and temptation from members of society.

Although extremely cinematic, “Kevin’s Heart” covers the pain of nearly losing someone through your own foolish actions. The irony throughout the music video is undeniable. As it begins, and Kevin Hart is seen cruising through the streets of Los Angeles — one of the most heavily populated cities in the US — he is still alone, with nobody to blame but himself.

Kevin's Heart 1

It seems like a normal day for Hart, filled with shopping and dinner. And maybe he’d be able to go on his way peacefully during this time if it weren’t for the pointed looks coming from everyone in his general vicinity. While perusing the isles of a grocery store, every passerby openly stares at him with looks of disdain and disappointment on their faces, making it clear they’re not happy with his current situation.

Kevin's Heart 2

As much as some members of society chastise him in the beginning, the viewer also witnesses the polar opposite in the video when Hart leaves the store and heads toward his next destination.  While waiting for a light to change color, a young woman pulls up in a car next to Hart’s and smiles temptingly, motioning for him to come over and join her. She knows his reputation, believes he’s tarnished forever and is now easily accessible. She, like more women to appear in the MV, is ignorant to the fact that what Kevin Hart wants more than anything is to mend his relationship with his wife. This desire to heal is evident through the pairing of the lyrics with certain shots in the music video.

“She my number one, I don’t need nothing on the side
Said that I was done for good and don’t want no more lies
But my phone be blowing up, temptations on my line
I stare at the screen a while before I press decline”

As the video continues, Hart becomes more and more frustrated, eventually excusing himself from the table after declining an advance from yet another woman. When an unknown man approaches Hart in the restroom and tells him to “learn from it” before giving him a good-natured clap on the shoulder and leaving, it seems as though the public might be becoming more receptive to the idea of Hart’s desire to make amends. The gesture is double-sided, though, as Kevin quickly realizes the man never washed his hands after using the restroom.

To go from receiving attention from fame to receiving attention from infamy is a twist not many people strive for, and it is clear by the end of the music video, Kevin Hart has had enough. Yet when he finally pulls up to his house, he slaps a smile on his face and tries to act happy, just as the lyrics describe.

Kevin's Heart 5

When the end arrives, the camera pans up to the sky, where the words “Choose Wisely” are etched in white across the blue expanse. These two words appear multiple times on J. Cole’s album, and depending on which interpretive route you take when examining the theme of the album, “Choose Wisely” can refer to multiple things.

On Twitter, J. Cole announced that “KOD” can stand for three different concepts: Kids On Drugs, King OverDosed or Kill Our Demons. For this video, it makes the most sense to analyze it through the “Kill Our Demons” option. As Kevin Hart battles his best to slay the demons he has created, it provides viewers and listeners with the constant reminder that when tempted with a negative, always “choose wisely.”

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