On April 29, boy group JBJ dropped their music video for “Just Be Stars.” The song serves as a thank-you and farewell to their fans, as the group disbanded on April 30, 2018. They were put together after all the members participated in the second season of the survival show Produce 101. After the show ended, fans advocated for the six contestants to form a group and tentatively named them “Just Be Joyful.”

If forget-me-not flowers had a songsona (song persona), this would be it. “Just Be Stars” is a ballad which features just the sextet’s voices and a piano. Their vocals blend beautifully with the passionate piano accompaniment, allowing each member to croon words of gratitude. “Don’t forget these stars, the moments we were shining together,” they sing in unison, “Don’t forget these stars, the promises and memories.”

What memories will you treasure about JBJ?


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