On May 8, the Japanese rock band Aqua Timez announced that the group is going to disband later this year. The news broke out just weeks after they released their eighth studio album “Niju Rasen no Masayume.”


Each of the members reached out to fans, thanking them for the support they have given over the past fifteen years.

The group formed in 2003 and signed to Epic Records Japan by 2006. Since then, they’ve released songs like “Mayonaka No Orchestra,” “Alones” and “Saigo Made,” from shows NarutoBleach and Gintama, respectively.

Their final tour, “Present is a Present tour 2018,” starts on May 12 in Gifu and ends September 1 in Okinawa.

Let’s continue to support the members on their future activities.

(Aqua Timez Official website.)

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