Rapper CHANMINA has taken the Japanese rap game by storm. Born to a Korean mother and Japanese father, CHANMINA was born in South Korea but moved to Japan at the age of three. She has also lived in the United States for a time. The rapper started writing lyrics at a young age and began pursuing a career in music once she started high school.

In 2016, she came out with her single “Mirror,” and toward the end of the year she released her second single “Princess.” The latter was then made into a music video. Her first step into the music industry was her music video for the expressive and daring song “FXXKER.”

At the beginning of 2017, CHANMINA signed with Victor Entertainment and produced her debut album, “Miseinen.” Her popularity grew immensely, catching the eye  of Japanese DJ Teddyloid. The two worked together on the DJ’s EP “SILENT PLANET 2 EP Vol.3.” She also teamed up with P.O and U-KWON from the Korean group BLOCK B for their Japanese single “WINNER.” Her second album, “Chocolate,” was released Nov. 15, 2017 following the music video for the title track.

For more updates, you can follow CHANMINA on her official website, Instagram and Twitter.


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