The Japanese hip-hop duo, CREAM consists of rapper Staxx-T and singer/songwriter Minami. Both came together with a passion for music and a goal to create a new style of Japanese Pop called New J-pop. New J-pop is a movement created by CREAM to make Japanese music versatile rather than a genre that is never changing or growing with the times.


They started their journey in 2011 by posting Japanese covers of popular songs such as “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson and “I Love The Way” by Ariana Grande through their YouTube channel CREAM VISION.

Aside from their covers CREAM is also known for uploading DIYs and behind the scene footage of their performances. With a growing number of 80,000 subscribers, CREAM has gained a huge following.

The group later began focusing on their original content, creating songs that covered various genres like hip-hop and EDM.

In 2013, CREAM signed with AVEX and released their debut album “DREAMIN’” which quickly charted to No.1 on iTunes.

By 2014, they distributed their second album “#nofilter” featuring their summer hit “Wonderland.”

“Wonderland” is an EDM inspired song with a party themed video to go along with it. We find Minami and Staxx-T performing at a pool party while also enjoying the company of friends.

They promoted their third album “Change” in 2016 with a music video titled after the album making its way to YouTube earlier that year.

Individually, Minami and Staxx-T have worked with other artists as producers and composers. The list of artists they’ve worked with includes M-Flo, K-pop legend BoA, Namie Amuro and many others.

On April 1st, CREAM released a video for their latest single “My Buddy” which is slated to be a part of their 4th album “Black” which is currently on sale as of April 26th.

“My Buddy” is another summer jam that is sure to get fans ready for the upcoming season as the video includes friendships, road trips and fun on the beach.

You can check out the video below!

For more information on CREAM be sure to check out their official websites.


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