Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and Gackt are just a few of the big names that are under the Japanese record company Avex Group. For years, Avex has provided spectacular music and showcased the talent of artists that have now become household names. Rising pop vocal group FAKY hopes to be one of those names. FAKY is comprised of four young women who want to bring something new to the Japanese music market with their main message for young women, to be confident.

Anna, the leader and lead vocalist


Lil’ Fang, lead vocalist


Mikako, dancer and vocalist


Akina, dancer and vocalist

In 2013, FAKY started their journey as a five-member group, with two different members: Diane, vocalist, and Tina, joining Anna and Lil’ Fang as a lead vocalist. Through YouTube, their debut single “Better Without You” and follow-up song “Girl Digger” became instant hits, and expectations were high once they announced their next single “P.O.V.”

Unfortunately, by 2014 the group halted all activities. In 2015, after Diane and Tina’s departure, the group enlisted the talents of California native Akina. FAKY then resumed their activities as a quartet and released their EP and title track “Candy.”

“Candy” focuses on a woman’s sexuality and power of temptation. The lyrics touch on the art of seduction, irresistibility and the power that is unique to women.

In 2016, FAKY teamed up with real-life mannequin duo FEMM and R&B soloist Yup’in to form the collaborative group FAMM’IN. FAKY and Yup’in bring in their compelling voices, while FEMM does not stray from their mannequin concept and incorporates their robotic dance moves into each performance.

For their experimental single “Circle” the supergroup introduced the infused style of Gagaku Trap, a genre that infuses traditional Japanese sounds and Trap.

This year, FAMM’IN returns with “Animus,” bringing back their signature style Gagaku Trap.  The idea of “Animus” derives from Carl Jung’s study of a woman’s inner masculinity. The group showed their masculine side by incorporating aggressive choreography and wearing men’s street clothing.

Aside from their recent work with FAMM’IN, in March FAKY returned to their pop roots and released their latest music video for their single, “Surrender.”

“Surrender” is a contemporary pop track that highlights a relationship that is always in turmoil. The couple portrayed want to stop the constant fighting and find their happiness together. Visually the white background and lighting effects compliment the group’s soft yet powerful vocals and energetic presence.

FAKY will be releasing a physical mini album titled “Unwrapped” in June. The track list will include songs such as “Surrender,” “Candy” and “Are you OK?” from their previous EP and three unreleased songs, “Bad Things,” “Someday We’ll Know” and “Keep Out.” Be on the lookout for the group’s major label debut this summer!

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