UKO is an indie artist who specializes in R&B and funk music. The singer came onto the music scene in early 2014. Her first single, “Signal,” gave her a chance to showcase her love for the funk and soul genres. Her style is reminiscent of the Bubble Era genre that made waves in Japan in the 1980s (during one of its greatest economic downfalls) as it incorporates electronic, disco music and synthesizers. It’s very similar to the former idol group Especia‘s unique sound.

She released her first album, “Saturday Boogie Holiday,” on April 4, 2016. The album included songs like “Signal,” “Sha La Lay” and “Madonna.”

By December 2017, the singer published her song “SPUR,” an easy listening track with a mix of an early-2000s summer pop vibe and 1980s music.

In April 2018, the soul singer made her first overseas appearance performing in Taiwan. Since then she has worked with Lucky Tapes and Tomita Lab as a songwriter and also performed with them on their Asia Tour.

On September 11, she released her most recent song, “ONE LOVE,” on her official YouTube channel. The singer then released her first mini album, using “ONE LOVE” as its lead single.

She has collaborated with the likes of Katagi Kie from jizue, BASI from Insist and Kakihira Ai to bring the mini album together.

For more information on this talented artist, visit her official website, InstagramSoundcloud and Twitter!

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