Japanese pop group UNIONE originally made their debut in 2013 as a four-member outfit known as SoA, an acronym for Soul of Asia. During their time as SoA they performed all throughout Japan and released their first album, which is now hard to find.

Let’s meet the members!

SAM, vocalist


YUTA, vocalist


YUUKI, vocalist


JIN, vocalist


ISSY, vocalist


In 2014, Yuta left SoA to pursue a solo career. The group continued to perform and began uploading covers on YouTube. By 2015, Yuta returned, they welcomed a new member, Yuuki, and officially changed their name to UNIONE.

A year later the group signed with Sony Music Japan and created a new YouTube channel where they upload popular covers not only by Japanese artists like ONE OK ROCK and YUI, but Western and Korean performers such as Big Bang, One Direction and EXO. Their most recent cover is a Japanese and Korean mix of  BTS’s “Mic Drop.” Through their covers, UNIONE showcases their vocal abilities, charm and versatility.

In 2016, they released their debut single “One Sided Love.”  Since then they have released three more singles, “Mirai Delight,” “Passavola” and “Sexy Sexy Sexy.”

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Find out more about the group from their official website and their official Twitter.

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