Fantagio’s refreshing rookie group ASTRO launched an ambitious Makestar project for their first photobook on November 21, 2016. In a little over a month, 2,410 fans blew past the initial crowdfunding goal and ultimately raised a staggering total of $101,318.44 USD. The project’s official synopsis states that “the proceeds will be donated to a good cause under the members’ and their honorary producers’ name.”


Some may recognize them from the 2015 web drama “To Be Continued,” but ASTRO’s six members didn’t actually debut until they released “Spring Up” in early 2016. With three mini albums already to their name and their sweet, boyish vibes, the group has quickly built a loyal following known as AROHA.

Thanks to their backers, ASTRO’s proposal was so successful that it has netted them the honor of having the highest successfully funded Makestar project thus far. They also managed to attract the most “star makers” of any campaign — another impressive feat. Nine Muses previously held first place in both with a sum of $80,297.08 raised by 1,209 participants.

Makestar’s subway advertisement sample. All images via Makestar.

Makestar regularly features project stretch goals that equate to additional rewards or interactions with the stars, but the company went a step further this time after seeing the outpouring of support for Fantagio’s rookies. Near the end of the funding period, an additional objective of 290 percent completion was added alongside a notice revealing that Makestar would purchase a subway advertisement in honor of ASTRO’s first anniversary if the new goal was reached. Fans readily took on the challenge, and the project finished just past 343 percent.

According to the project page, AROHAs who participated can expect to see their photobooks and other goodies start shipping this month.

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