In a time when the world has become so small, yet more exposed than ever, the young generation is defining themselves as creative and freethinking. This shows in every aspect of their lives, from simple fashion to views on world politics. No longer will they allow themselves to be boxed in by the confines of acceptability that their parents and grandparents before them depend on. There is arguably no standard more challenged by them than music. One of the youths challenging the status quo is ATTXLA (pronounced Attila), an up and coming musician out of Houston, TX, USA whose music speaks of age old anxieties about love, self-doubt and realization from his generation’s perspective.

In a conversation with MACG Productions, ATTXLA expressed that this collection of his thoughts against music expresses his heart and the hearts of those around him. His journey began like many others on this path where a single moment in time sparked an on-going romance with music. Upon enrolling into Houston Community College to pursue an Associates of Arts, ATTXLA joined the Music & Entertainment Students Association (MESA) which led to his very first stage performance.

Beyond the nervousness and insecurities of that moment, he continued to rediscover himself through music. ATTXLA describes his style as “airy, dark, synthy, alternative pop, R&B with Hip Hop and experimental elements.” Pulling inspiration from artists of vastly different genres such as Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Anita Baker, Sylvan Esso, SOHN, James Blake and many others allows him to convey deeper, more intense emotions when both producing and writing. The depth of his heart can be heard clearly in Where Are We, which features MAVEN. This is also one of his most successful pieces so far having been used in commercials, promotional and YouTube videos. As a multidimensional talent, ATTXLA has also contributed to other artists such as Tinker Holden and Infinity, where he helped write a portion of their first single called Quicksand.

After experiencing personal and professional growth over the past few years, ATTXLA is proud of his first EP that will be available this August on Bandcamp. A sneak peak of the track list is provided below. True to the open-minded way he and his peers are living, ATTXLA says that he hopes the four tracks on the EP will remind people that it is okay to feel and to find and enjoy the simple things in life. He wants his music to inspire people to stronger levels of self-love and a better relationship within themselves.

ATTXLA (7) (1)-54232

As the conversation came to a close, ATTXLA encouraged us to tell someone we love them. MACG Productions staff was reminded by this purely genuine young man that the beauty of music is that its language is universal. It speaks to the heart, mind, body and soul. There is no box to contain it and there are no acceptable restrictions. Its beauty is magnificent in all its forms. We wish ATTXLA enormous success and happiness in his career.

ATTXLA EP Track List

  1. For Awhile
  2. Think About It
  3. Glaciers
  4. Beneath the Waves

Support new and upcoming artist, ATTXLA, at open mic sessions and future performances. Learn more about him here.


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