Everyone was “like TT” during TWICE’s recent comeback, with cute hand signs and bobby music, but prepare to be “like TT” for real; the tears will be plentiful, and the sobs will be ugly.

About four years ago, a little-known duo named 2BiC released the music video for their song “Made Yet Another Woman Cry.” Even though it’s only received a little under 600,000 views in the past four years, the video is still considered by some to be the saddest K-pop music video to ever exist. You thought you had it bad with BIGBANG’s “Haru Haru”? Think again. Maybe sadness was knocking at your door with Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember”? Ding dong, you were wrong.

Now, this video can be a little tricky to fully comprehend the first time you watch it because it uses so many flashbacks, but we’ll take it one step at a time.


“Made Yet Another Woman Cry” starts with a couple (let’s call them Couple A) peeking suspiciously around a gate as if they’re worried. Are they in trouble? Satisfied that there is no one else around, Couple A are content to sit in peace on the front steps.

While they are cleaning up the abandoned house they’ve stumbled upon, the girl from Couple A finds and old photograph of another couple (Couple B), and the music video flashes back to a time when Couple B still lived there.


Couple B look so cute and in love getting their pictures taken together! Perhaps this is their first house together and they are recently married? Like Couple A, they are content to harmoniously sit together on the very same front steps.

The video shifts back to the present, where Couple A are still cleaning the house and goofing around. Just then, the door to the yard rattles, and the man looks up in fright. He quickly grabs his wife and his duffel bag and drags them both behind the couch as he instructs her to keep quiet. The door continues to rattle.

The second time the door shakes, the music video again flashes back to Couple B, who are now eating together at the table. The man from this couple is also surprised, but he goes to answer the door anyway. When it’s opened, man B is met with soldiers and doctors in masks who hand him a note and drag his wife away.

The scene returns to Couple A, and the girl is still cleaning when she happens to find another artifact from Couple B: the note. As she puzzles over the words, we can see her husband staring at the duffel bag in his lap. Thoughts regarding what sort of trouble Couple A is in begin to surface when he gently tucks two red-stained stacks of money back into the bag.

Woman A moves to sit next to her husband with a smile, but her phone lights up with an ominous message from a person named Black Shark. “I’m going to catch you…Just wait…,” it says.


While still cleaning, the woman from Couple A finds yet another relic from Couple B’s past. This time, it’s a notebook filled with writing, and we soon find out that the person who owned the notebook was none other than the man from Couple B.

As the scene changes and the man from Couple B is sitting at his writing desk, his wife walks in. Shaky steps make it clear that she is in distress, and her attire suggests that she’s only recently been released from a hospital. Wrenching himself out of his disbelief, he runs to her as she collapses on the ground. Ever so gently, he then unwraps himself from their embrace and helps tuck her into bed next to his own mattress.

The reunion of Couple B starts to give the audience hope, but an underlying worry is still present because of the fragility of woman B. Unfortunately, the scene takes a dark turn as time warps yet again and we are thrown back in to the daring reality that Couple A faces. While the woman is reading the notebook she found, the gate to the yard opens slightly and a man sticks his head through. He makes eye contact with man A, and the terrified husband grabs his wife and the duffel bag and forces her into an oversized wardrobe in the next room.

Four men appear shortly after, all dressed in black and with ominous looks on their faces. As man A hurriedly tries to think of something to say, one steps forward and stabs him in the stomach. The music grows quiet, and our hearts drop. As he falls to his knees, you can see the blood beginning to leak from his mouth — a sign that the stab wound punctured a major internal organ.

The blood of man A allows the scene to move between couples again, and now we see that same red substance cupped in the hands of woman B. She begins to cough violently, causing more blood to appear in her hand each time.


A quick flash brings us back to just in time to see woman A jumping out of the wardrobe and grabbing her husband as he begins to turn pale and shake. She pleads with him to hold on a little longer, and her sobs quickly become louder than the music itself.

The wailing of the woman from Couple A turns into the sobs of the woman from Couple B. She is still coughing up blood, and her husband remains resting peacefully next to her, too deep in sleep to hear his wife’s suffering. As the strength begins to leave her body, woman B lays back down next to her own pool of blood, recognizing that her last chance to be by her husband’s side has finally arrived.

With a sudden jerk, the scene is peaceful again. The woman from Couple A sits on the front steps of the house, alone this time, and cries quietly before looking down at the final page in the notebook.


As we see who is writing the final line, the camera pans back to show the man from Couple B. He, too, sits alone on the front steps. His hand finishes the sentiment with a final dot — “I  was happy to know you…” — and the music video fades to an end.

“Made Yet Another Woman Cry” depicts two tragedies, both similar in nature yet occurring in different times. Because of the complexity and sadness of the video, when it ends the only emotions left are despair and disbelief. In all honesty, the story told here could have been made into a whole K-drama, with each episode going back and forth between the two couples; after this, “Haru Haru” becomes child’s play.

For those of you with nerves of steel, the full music video can be watched below.

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