“…I put in work all day. For you its a phase and a hobby but music lives in me, that’s always…”

The lyric above is how rapper and singer Alan Z starts off his remix to ILLIONARE’s Dok2 song “Beverly 1lls”. Alan Z keeps the delivery and flow throughout the remix  and adding his singing to the song (something not done in the original) to make it his own. Alan Z is very well-known for his remixes on Korean music via YouTube, showcasing his talents in rap and singing, but this time he stepped out of the screen and onto the stage with a live performance for this Dok 2 song. The remixed version was in English but kept its braggy and “matter of fact” message Dok 2 and The Quiet got across by speaking their native language Korean, making the lyrical content still relatable when both original and remix plays.

In the video below you can see Alan Z perform the Remix live at KORUS 2016 or listen to audio here:

The original Beverly 1lls:

Alan Z also has been interviewed by MACG Productions LLC and his music will be featured on the Daebak K-pop Show with Immy. Click all links to stay updated on these great chances to get to know more Alan Z.



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