On June 15, BLACKPINK made their summer comeback with a hot new single “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

The greatly anticipated music video shows the ladies as strong as ever with their intense choreography and assertive stage presence. The song itself speaks on the image of perfection and politeness that is expected from the women, but in reality they show their true colors.



Their beautiful style and visuals perfectly match with the colors black and pink, which they incorporated throughout the entire video.



Some of the greatest parts of the MV are watching Lisa and Jennie completely dominate their verses without even breaking a sweat. They aren’t the rappers of the group just for the sake of having the title, and they definitely proved that.



A scene that speaks volumes is during one of Jisoo’s parts when she is walking past a group of photographers. They are more focused on the image of her rather than the woman right in front of them. It is not until she makes a mistake that they turn their attention to the singer.


It’s hard to pick who served the best looks in the video because each member gave their audience such a variety of styles, but Rose’s dresses and jewelry choices were downright breathtaking.



BLACKPINK has also released a mini album titled “Square Up,” which includes “DDU-DU DDU-DU” along with new tracks “Really,” “See U Later” and “Forever Young.”


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