With so many new summer bops it would be a shame to forget some of the high-energy songs from years past that didn’t get their deserved shine. “Rollin'” by Brave Girls is one of those songs. Never fear. The girls have brought the song back but with a twist: a new music video! The video features four of the members, as Hyeran is on indefinite medical hiatus.

While the previous music video earned a 19+ rating due to harmless hip swivels, daisy dukes and casual leg touching, the new one seems more “family friendly.” The foursome is living their best summer lives, enjoying each other’s company in a variety of summer sun-soaked locales.

It’s notable that this rendition of “Rollin'” has more saxophone than synth present in the production. The addition gives the song a vibrancy for the summer revamp that wasn’t present in the previous release.

Pick your favorite version of the video and song!

(Naver, YouTube.)

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