On June 19, 2017 Hip Hop-R&B duo Coco Avenue announced that they will disband on July 13, 2017. The popular act’s formal announcement came in the evening via their Facebook fan page. The group, currently consisting of members Jenna Rose and Jenny Lyric, has been active for five years.

Coco Avenue also stated that they will have their last performance during Hallyu Nights, hosted by Dreamkatchers Initiative. Prior to this final “goodbye stage,” the ladies are scheduled to perform during BlurrieCon and at KCON New York, taking place June 24. Jenny will perform as a solo artist at an event July 7, opening for Reddy and G2 in Los Angeles.

Fans attending KCON New York 2017 can also witness Coco Avenue as participants during Cross Cultural Clashes in Hallyu, a panel about cultural admiration and appropriation.

Read the press release here and please continue to support Jenna and Jenny as they move forward in their careers.


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