BTS shook the world once again with their comeback trailer entitled “Epiphany.” Uploaded on August 8, the video had over 3 million views in the first few hours and was #3 on the YouTube trending page. In 24 hours, the video now has over 20 million views. A true feat for BTS.

This time around, BTS gave Jin the spotlight. Much like the WINGS comeback trailers, this video focuses on a single member the entire time. At the beginning, Jin is cascaded in black and white, in a small, lonely apartment. Eventually the saturation goes from black-and-white to color, and we are given a different side of Jin. But as soon as the color engulfs the screen, there is a sudden downpour and he’s drenched. Soon after, the rain fizzles upward on the screen.

At the end of the music video, there is yet another quote in Korean to translate to English:

“The end of my journey of finding myself is going back to that place again. In the end, the thing I need to find is the map of my Soul, which is the beginning of everything. The thing that everyone has, but not anyone can find. I will start to find my now.”

Overall, I loved this comeback trailer. Like previous BTS trailers, it has a lot of emotion built into the setting, the member chosen for the solo and the lyrics. Jin’s vocals are godly, as usual. and he still needs more recognition for that, in my opinion. This solo really suits his vocals. I love Jin and his ballads.

In true BTS fashion, this is starting an uproar of theories, especially since they had a scene from previous comebacks in the end of the video. What is YOUR theory? Are they like the others? I feel like at this point, there are a couple theories that stick out and make the most sense. But I want to know what you guys think down below.



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