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At the stroke of midnight on September 26 KST, the comeback teaser for “Wings” went live on Twitter and V-App and revealed in its last moments that the Bangtan Boys will be back on October 10, 2016. The title “Boy Meets Evil” is clearly a follow-up to the ending of their “Fire” music video, which left fans hanging with the mysterious phrase “boy meets what.”

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The idol group’s previous album “Young Forever” was immensely successful and earned them over 300,000 pre-orders in just six days. It represented the ending of a mini-era for the group and brought their “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” trilogy to a graceful close, so the support of their fans was especially touching. It wouldn’t be surprising if “Wings,” whose pre-orders will open starting September 28, receives a similar welcome.

ARMYs – BTS’s fans – have been highly anticipating this comeback ever since the group began posting a series of short films also titled “Wings.” Many theories have been created in order to decipher the cryptic videos that BTS is starting to be known for, but without any input from the members themselves it’s all speculation at this point. The full music video will hopefully shed some light on the story, but the videos are still fascinating to watch even if it doesn’t.

The intro to the teaser trailer features leader Rap Monster narrating, and it ominously ends with “the devil held me in his clutches, the enemy was behind me.” As the focus shifts to J-Hope, fans are given their first preview of the song while he dances to solemn lyrics discussing greed and how the protagonist gave up on his dreams.

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