Raise your hand if you’ve now heard Tablo‘s voice on more Code Kunst songs than on EpikHigh songs! I know I have. Mostly because I was never an EpikHigh fan, but that is beside the point.

I must say, out of all of the Code Kunst songs out there, “rain bird” ranks high in the “Most Likely To Make You Question If Code Kunst Is Okay” list. The artist has produced phenomenal tracks in the past, some of which are a bit sad, but this song and music video really make the listener question if Code Kunst, Colde and Tablo might need a few warm hands to hold?

Quickly after the instrumental for the song kicks in, Code Kunst comes in with, “There are only clouds in this weather,” immediately alluding to his low mood and lack of vibrancy. This message continues throughout the whole song but hits its peak point around the 3:30 mark when Tablo says, “But pain is all I got.” That sort of depressed “I am in pain, please help” message has become slightly more acceptable in South Korean music, but the message is still uncommon, as not many artists like to hint at their unhappiness in order to keep the fans happy. Code Kunst’s raw emotion behind the lyrics of the song truly are a gem in a musical world full of coal dust.

What enhances the heavyhearted tone of the song even more is the music video. With a title like “rain bird,” it’s only natural that the video features some rain.

What the video should have been called is “rain (on your parade) bird” because no matter how much you watch, it’s nearly impossible to feel happy or relaxed or even neutral while viewing this music video. There’s no smiling, no hint of laughter, no subtle glint in the eyes. There is only pure, uninterrupted sorrow. And that’s a little frightening, in all honesty. To see all of the men so downtrodden during the video was a bit worrisome, not just for the sake of the creators but also for the sanity of the viewers who were potentially hoping for something a bit more uplifting.




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