Starship Entertainment’s Cosmic Girls and Fantagio’s Weki Meki have come together to bring project group, WJMK! The members of WJMK consist of Seola, Luda (Cosmic Girls) Yoojung and Doyeon (Weki Meki). Together these four ladies put out “WJMK PROJECT: STRONG” and are here with a cute and catchy summer track.

The music video for “짜릿하게 (STRONG)” features the girls playing around as they try to scare each other throughout their house. But unsuspectingly, there are other “scary beings” trying to frighten them. However, their efforts are thwarted at every chance. Instead of finding the other “evil” characters scary, the WJMK members are able to scare each other better by popping out or disappearing out of no where. It is a bit odd, considering the girls are not dressed up as anything scary. Instead of lurking and staring through the window or coming out of a TV like the other characters, the girls hiding behind objects like the curtains or under the table is much scarier to them.  By the end of the music video, everyone is having fun and getting along (well, maybe except for the blue ghost).

Aside from the playful plot, the music video features the girls in color-accented sets and outfits such as blue, green and red paired with the clean and sleek white sets. Some choreography is also highlighted as well, which serves as a teaser for fans to check out the live performances of the song.

Get ready to be sucked into the cuteness of WJMK.



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