Almost two years after their last release, NCT U is back with “BOSS,” which is the first song and music video to come from the NCT 2018 project. The rotational subunit has seven members this go around: Taeyong, Doyoung, Mark and Jaehyun return, with the addition of NCT 127‘s Winwin and new debutees Jungwoo and Lucas.

“BOSS” fits into NCT U’s established genre snuggly, sharing quite a few musical aesthetics with their previous track “The 7th Sense.” Taeyong, Mark and Lucas all show off their rapping skills, with Lucas’s timbre surprising fans and casual listeners alike; it really is all about that bass! Surprising still is Jungwoo, whose clear, crisp vocals elevate the already impressive vocal line. The song itself revolves around confidence and initiative in all aspects of life, which including interacting with your partner in this boss-like way: “I’m the absolute boss that you want / If you want me take me / it’s your choice.” The lyrics come off as quite saucy compared to previously more convoluted ones. But with all members now legal adults this time, more direct lyrics were expected.

The video is aesthetically pleasing and fairly monochrome. The members face off against each other in quick cutaway scenes, trying to determine who is the boss of all bosses. But it turns out the fighting was futile, the members explaining that they must come together in order to be their strongest selves.

What did you think of the video? Which new member is wreaking havoc on your bias list?

(YouTube, ColorCodedLyrics)

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