The queens of dark concepts are back with their MV “You and I”! Dreamcatcher is known for their eerie yet beautifully crafted music videos, and as always they do not disappoint.

What sets this song apart from their previous work is the subtlety of the instruments like the piano and vocals during each verse, then the build-up with the incorporation of the guitar and drums once the hook comes in to play.

In this video Yoohyeon is the star as we watch her running toward a portal in a dreamscape. The rest of the girls are performing a ritual around her unconscious form, while also running from the dark forces that plague the home.



What is constant in Dreamcatcher’s concepts is that they are always in what looks to be a home of sorts. Another constant is the use and implication of magic, which is in previous MVs such as “Fly High” and “Full Moon.”

In “You and I” we can see the girls continue to dabble in magic as they perform a ritual on the sleeping Yoohyeon. The video ends with her unable to go through the portal and waking up still within the dreamscape, which could mean many things depending on the viewer’s interpretation.

Dreamcatcher MV 1

Dreamcatcher MV 10

One would think incorporating choreography to a rock song would be nearly impossible, but with each comeback the ladies of Dreamcatcher continue to prove us wrong. They move along to the sounds of the guitar and drums without difficulty and make their movements fit with the song effortlessly.

Dreamcatcher MV 5


Fans are left with more questions than answers by the end of the video. Who are these dark forces? What happened to Yoohyeon? Will their next MV provide us with answers or throw more questions at us?


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