On June 27, the godfather of rap, Tiger JK returned with a new music video for his single “BUMAYE,” which will be featured on his final album under the Drunken Tiger name. Drunken Tiger initially started out as a group and has been a force in the Korean rap game for almost twenty years. After the departure of DJ Shine, Tiger JK continued to perform under the name as a solo artist.

In his message to fans, the rapper revealed that the name of the song comes from the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

“Ali, Bomaye” which means “Kill him, Ali” was a phrase chanted by African fans of Ali during his match with Foreman. Tiger JK repeats this chant throughout the song. It is no secret that the rapper is a huge fan of boxing, a hobby that helped him cope after the passing of his father. He has also incorporated this concept in Yoon Mirae’s “Angel” featuring himself and Bizzy.

Tiger JK teamed up with fellow rapper and producer Loptimist to bring the track together. The song itself is a mix of African and reggae music. An African percussion rhythm can be heard with sounds that give off a summer vibe. For those who were fans of Drunken Tiger’s “Liquor Shots,” “BUMAYE” follows a similar rhythm!

While it is the end of an era, let’s continue to support Tiger JK on his future endeavors.


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