Hip-Hop artist and YouTuber, Dumbfounded officially announces his own merchandise store to his supporters and fans. The Korean-American Rapper based out of Los Angeles, California also announced his upcoming mix tape, “WE MIGHT DIE” on the news release of his store. “WE MIGHT DIE” releases on November 10, 2016 and will be free for fans!

Supporters and fans who want to pick up official “WE MIGHT DIE” merchandise can visit his store here. Fans have a range of apparel to a signed physical album from Dumbfounded himself. The “WE MIGHT DIE” store offers exclusive bundles of the merchandise and other personal packages from Dumbfounded, including a personalized voice mail recording and a personal tour of Koreatown in Los Angeles. Both packages also include the “WE MIGHT DIE” bundles as well.

Dumbfounded’s Music Video for “SAFE”

For those who purchase before November 8th, using the code, “PRESALE”, they are able to receive a 10% discount and to stream his album, “WE MIGHT DIE” 24 hours before it releases. There are also other perks for those who pre-order the mix tape before the release.

With this release of the “WE MIGHT DIE” merchandise store and mixtape, Dumbfounded thanks his fans for all the support that they have given over the years and is giving back to them by releasing his mix tape for free!

Dumbfounded will also be going on the “WE MIGHT DIE” tour in North America soon. Keep up with him on his social media for more updates!

Check out Dumbfounded’s music video for “Harambe” (which will also be included in the “WE MIGHT DIE” mix tape)


Congratulations for Dumbfounded on the release of his upcoming mixtape and wishing him the best!

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