Seven months after their last release, EXID returns with the sassy, no-nonsense title track “DDD,” off their EP “Full Moon.”  Group member Ahn Hyojin, known professionally as LE, cowrote and composed the song. “DDD” utilizes the punchy “deol deol deol” sound as the hook. Though EXID is still a five piece and all five vocalists are featured in the song, only LE, Park Junghwa, Ahn “Hani” Heeyeon and Seo Hyelin appear in the video.

The song chronicles a girl’s frustration with the lies her significant other spewed. Upon confronting them, they do nothing but tremble and stutter, hence the song’s name. Hani starts, “Talkin’ all that gibberish get your game straight / What’s with that face uh uh uh.”  LE follows with, “your eyes are uh uh uh [darting] / I see you playing games, I see you frontin.'”  Junghwa also chimes in, “You serious? I haven’t even started and you’re shaking head to toe, uh uh uh [tremble]”.

The music video’s color saturation and lighting mimics the girls’ moods, fluctuating between warm and cool colors as they continue to interrogate the man who wronged them. Of course, no EXID video is complete without choreography as sassy and unapologetic as the track itself. The visuals and song come together and portray an all too relatable struggle.


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