What better way to get through the week than with awesome music. EXO‘s dynamic trio CBX —Kim Jongdae (CHEN), Byun Baekhyun and Kim Minseok (XIUMIN) — is back with seven new songs. That’s right, one for each day if the week. In the spirit of the album concept, this review will follow suit, starting with their first track, “Monday Blues.”

Waking up on Monday is beyond difficult, and CBX concurs. Most mornings are a blur until you get your pick-me-up. But in this haze, you do notice some things, like the good-looking stranger on your commute. Maybe they get coffee at the same little cafe or take the same train you do. Either way, “Monday Blues” details how a beautiful stranger can make the beginning of a monotonous week a little brighter. “We’re always here at the same time, always going the same way. It’s like I’m taking you home,” CHEN raps nonchalantly. Then XIUMIN asks, “Would you like to get a coffee? Do you like movies? Do you have time now?”

All right, you’ve talked to them, what now? Stay tuned for the next review tomorrow!

(YouTube [1][2], ColorCodedLyrics.)


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