Ahead of their first full Japanese album — set for release on Jan. 24 — EXO dropped the short version of title track “Electric Kiss.”

WARNING: This video could be dangerous for those prone to epileptic seizures. Viewer discretion advised.

Right from beat one, a fat brass hit demands attention before a syncopated series of claps and snaps come in to lay the groundwork for the rhythm section. Together with a metallic-filtered base offsetting the claps and snaps, the song funnels into a super high energy explpsion.

The lyrics fit this intensity, detailing the tense moments before a long-anticipated kiss. Baekhyun and D.O sing, “Love gradually wants to climb to the top, lips that get closer / it’s gonna be electric / just enough so that they’re not touching.” But as the song goes on, it’s clear the relationship is in the flirty, cat-and-mouse stage, Kai asking, “Is it okay to tease you like this?” As if hearts weren’t already fluttering, mister!

The music video is visually stimulating, to say the least, which can be attributed to the dizzying camera work and the use of flashing lights. Each member has individual scenes in what looks like different rooms of an abandoned building before they show their impeccable dancing skills in a gravel lot while sporting all-black outfits, adding to the ominous, post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the video.

Which scene was your favorite? How does “Electric Kiss” rank for you in terms of EXO Japanese releases?


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