FAKY has been sweeping the charts since their debut, and this time around is no different. On Aug. 13, 2018,” Avex released “Bad Things” on their YouTube channel.

The video is mixed with simplicity and sensuality as we watch the girls unleash their sultry sides. Visually the colors they used for the background were vibrant and played off well against their fashion choices.



One of my favorite parts of the video was how smooth the choreography was. It did not feel as though they overplayed the sexiness. It was just the right amount to leave you wanting to do “bad things” yourself. When Anna licked the floor, I suddenly forgot how to breathe.



As for the song itself, the hook “You make bad things feel so good” says it all. The song focuses on being enamored with someone who makes you want to break away from the cookie-cutter mold.

FAKY knows how to entertain their audience and has done so consistently! Let’s continue to show them support!


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