On November 15, Avex‘s popular girl group FAKY announced through social media that the leader and one of the founding member’s, Anna will be departing from the group to pursue an acting career.


The “Bad Things” singer began her quest for stardom at a young age. She grew up as a talented performer, specializing in ballet and being a part of various musicals. With her love for theater and music, Anna later signed with Avex at the age of fifteen.

Anna, Lil’ Fang and Mikako were the original members of FAKY, along with former group-mates Tina and Diane. They made their official debut in 2013 with single “Better Without You.” The ladies went on hiatus to revamp their image, losing two members but gaining Akina.

While this is unfortunate news it is definitely not the end for these ladies. Lets support Anna and the rest of FAKY on their future activities.


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