On March 1, 2018, Singaporean artist Falling Feathers, in collaboration with South Korea’s Love X Stereo, released his new single “Dancing Alone.”

The song’s lyrics are reflective at first but quickly turn into a desperate plea for help — help to end the loneliness that comes with the pain of losing someone.

In an interesting production and delivery moment, Falling Feathers vocally mimics the role a piano would traditionally have in a similarly produced track. The addition of piano in the chorus compliments him, while it blends into the much lower tone of the verses.


Of note is Falling Feathers’ vocal delivery. He combines a fragile and innocent vulnerability with a haunting whisper-like tone. This allows him to convey emotion without losing the general feel of the song. The lyrics also lend to the haunting quality here, particularly in the chorus, where he sings, “I’ve moved on from this tragedy before.” This is not the first time he has experienced the loss of a loved one, but he feels alone due to the pain, even though he is surrounded by people.

The addition of Annie Ko of Love X Stereo was genius. Her pure vocals are a wonderful compliment to Falling Feathers. Their harmonies send chills down the spine from the delicate, almost childlike fear mixed with experience.

The visuals of the MV are also innocently haunting as well. The video opens with Falling Feathers: a car has hit him and he’s been killed. The next scene shows mourners gathered in front of a grave, all dressed in black, while Falling Feathers, clad all in white, appears and disappears.

The use of a carousel during the second verse alludes to the aforementioned childlike innocence. The loss of power symbolizes the loss of a relationship and the feelings associated with that loss.


“Dancing Alone” is a solid single from both Falling Feathers and Love X Stereo.

Stream and download the song here.

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