Oli Yoo, a Los Angeles-based rapper from South Korea, is a fairly new face to the hip-hop scene, but he’s been working on developing his music for years now. The 22-year-old first began uploading polished original tracks and remixes to his YouTube and Facebook accounts this past September and already has a modest following. The music he’s released so far demonstrates a good sense of pacing and a great deal of potential, both of which will hopefully continue to be cultivated with time.

In a recent interview with KpopSeoulShop, Yoo proved himself to be a very down-to-earth person when it comes to how he approaches his craft. His answers included multiple reinforcements of the fact that he pursues music because it’s something he genuinely enjoys and has fun with, which gives his work a stronger sense of authenticity. He also regularly describes himself as “a tattooed, tan-skinned Korean with an attitude” and takes a great deal of pride in staying true to himself.

The interview also revealed that he’s an aspiring designer and hopes to provide his fans with self-made merchandise in the future. Examples of his current designs and mock-ups can be found here.

Yoo’s fans have been waiting in anticipation after he teased at a new original track in late October. The new song, along with his first music video, is set to be released sometime soon, so do keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, he released a remix on November 6 of BTS’s “Lie,” which can be viewed above.


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