On September 19, GOT7 and JYP Entertainment released the trailer for GOT7’s latest and upcoming album, Flight Log: Turbulence. Flight Log: Turbulence is a continuation from their previous album/comeback, Flight Log: Departure, but this time showcasing a much darker theme.

Before reading further about the Flight Log: Turbulence trailer, it is highly recommended to watch the Flight Log: Departure Trailer  and “Fly” MV first to get a further understanding of the story.

By the of the “Fly” music video, GOT7 member Jinyoung can be seen falling from a very tall building, seeming to want to fly just like the rest of the members. However, the plot twists in the fact that Jinyoung remains to keep falling instead of flying, zooming past the other members. At the very end, viewers see Jinyoung wake up and it is assumed as they he is either waking up from a dream, waking up in a hospital bed or he may have woken up in heaven if he had died.


(Source: Screenshot from GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Trailer)

Fast forwarding to the Flight Log: Turbulence trailer, it once again introduces to all the members playing around but this time they are in the cabin of an airplane. Similar to the FL:D trailer, Jinyoung is once again to himself as the members goof around. He remains the only member from GOT7 that is safely seated in the airplane while the others seem more carefree.


(Source: Screenshot from GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Trailer)

But Jinyoung notices that the lights that signal weather to buckle in or take the buckle off goes off repeatedly. What can be seen as worry and concern on Jinyoung’s face, he tries to get the members attention and tell them to sit back down. However, the flight attendant that is aboard the airplane tells Jinyoung to sit back down and buckle up. One of the biggest questions that this trailer poses is: Why does the flight attendant only tell Jinyoung to remain seated and not the other members? Why aren’t there many more flight attendants that are on board as well?


 &(Source: Screenshot from GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Trailer & Sorry Jinyoung!)

The trailer quickly moves on to showing the airplane experiencing some turbulence (we see what you did there GOT7) and the airplane cabin beginning to shake violently, that emergency equipment come out of the plane. Jinyoung still remains the only one that is strapped into his seat, but fear and worry can still be seen on his face. He looks over to see that the rest of GOT7 are still not in their seats and are also screaming (but this time out of fear). Jinyoung looks as though he is about to get out of his seat to help the members, but instead, the flight attendant holds him back and presses the breathing mask to his face. A few other questions about this trailer is: Why does the flight attendant walk past the other members who are clearly not safe and only walks towards Jinyoung? Isn’t the safety of all the passengers on board important? So why only Jinyoung and not the rest? 


(Source: Screenshot from GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Trailer)

The trailer cuts away from the scene on board the airplane to showing Jinyoung trapped in a box full of water. Jinyoung wakes to see that he is alone and in the dark. The next few scenes then cuts to the same baby bird that was shown in FL:D trailer and music video and Youngjae is holding onto the bird before letting the bird fly out of his hands. Another cut shows a scene of JB from the FL:D trailer and music video as well before resuming to the chaotic scene on board the plane. Again, Jinyoung is the only member that is seen being taken care of by the flight attendant while the other members are seen flying up into the air. Cutscenes from both FL:D and MV are shown once more, showing Jinyoung looking rather sad and lost, maybe thinking about why can he not be like the other members. He is probably thinking: “Why can’t I fly?”

(Source: Screenshot from GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Trailer)

Jinyoung from FL:D is shown once again on top of the building right before he takes his jump but unlike the MV where he wakes up in a white room, Jinyoung in the Flight Log Turbulence, wakes up in the dark with a resuscitation device to his face. As he begins to fully come to, Jinyoung finds that he is once again alone and that he is among a huge wreckage and debris that is caught on fire. As the final scene of trailer, the camera that Jackson was holding in both trailers is seen to be on the ground, replaying scenes from FL: Departure.

Two short and brief music videos for the upcoming release for FL:T “Hard Carry” were released a few days after the trailer. In the first trailer, the members of GOT7 except for Jinyoung were shown to be standing amongst the wreckage. It is only Jinyoung that is actually caught inside the wreck and debris. In the second music video trailer, it showcases a bit of the choreography for song and Jinyoung once again inside the box that is filled with water. But the twist is that one members, presumably Youngjae is trying to break Jinyoung free.

Based from the trailers thus far some concluding thoughts would be: What exactly happened to the rest of the GOT7 members? Why is it only Jinyoung that is left alone? Why is the Jinyoung the only one that can’t fly? Did the members make it out alive? Why is Jinyoung the chosen one?

The trailers raises so many questions and it is only until the release of the official music video for “Hard Carry” that fans will get a better answer as to why this is all happening to Jinyoung and the rest of GOT7.


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