There’s a new idol on the horizon, and all signs point to him being unlike anyone who’s ever worn the title.

On Jan. 15, new artist HOLLAND released a teaser for his debut single entitled “Neverland.” In the teaser, we see a loving couple sharing intimate moments in bed, on the beach and out on the town. In a twist that would make K.Will proud, that “loving couple” is two men.

The teaser showcases the natural affection the couple share with each other. The rough translation of the article Ntoday wrote on the matter notes the lyrics express their passionate love affair: “We are young and I love you.” From their intimate touches, to the way they look at each other, there’s not much for viewers to misconstrue.

Very little is known about HOLLAND. The same article describes him as “coming out for the first time in the industry” (again, a rough translation), but at the moment the language is too speculative to assume much of anything. In fact, there’s a great deal of vagary surrounding the young man — his official Facebook page is devoid of any information concerning what record company he’s with or much else beyond promo pictures and the single article about his impending debut.


What is clear is that this young man is one of many idols and Korean artists who are beginning to slowly strip away misconceptions about the LGBTQAI+ in South Korea — either subtly, as in a few music videos released in the last year or so, or openly, as in Feel Ghood artist MRSHLL.

While more information slowly trickles in about HOLLAND and what he’s trying to accomplish, interested viewers and prospective new fans have his debut to look forward to. The music video and official debut “Neverland” is set for release on Jan. 22.

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