I have outwardly emotional reactions to music by Twice, the JYP Entertainment top-trend girl group. From supporting their development during “Sixteen” to the moment my bias Momo whipped her blonde ponytail on the back of a bus, I am often excited about them.

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The group debuted in 2015 and has a number of catchy songs that I enjoy. In fact, I was just dancing along to their most recent release, “Yes or Yes,” prior to writing this. There is one song, however, that I’m slightly ashamed to say that I like. It goes against my resistance to “candy pop” and wouldn’t you know it, that’s the name of the song. Simply put, if a song had the power to induce a cavity, Twice “Candy Pop” is the source of at least three within my mouth. The song was released Feb. 7, 2018, making it the group’s second Japanese single. Being the Momo fan that I am, I was especially interested in the song so that I could hear her sing in her native language. (There are three members total in the nine-member group from Japan, but again, with Momo are where my feels reside.)

I had already judged the song by the teasers, but when the full music video made its way onto YouTube, I was there and ready to cringe. From the moment main rapper Chaeyoung said, “Hey, sweetie sweetie!” I was freaking out. Umm, no? You and lead rapper Dahyun keep me grounded. What is going on?! Scared half to death, I pushed through, acknowledging that my foot was tapping to the beat. It was happening. The Twice Effect of catchy tunes was about to blast through my psychological blockade with … I dunno, visions of Candyland?

The video sent me into a colorful, magical world of animated Twice, and my defenses lowered. Next thing I know, the girls are shouting about you being their candy candy pop pop honey sweetie and I’m losing my mind. It is undeniably cute!

Several months later, the song randomly creeps into my thoughts. Of course, I have to turn it on and destroy every fiber of the Japanese language as I sing along. Loudly. And sometimes out of tune, just to really emphasize the enthusiasm. It is the number one cutsie-wootsie song on my playlist.

As hard as I fought it, Twice’s “Candy Pop” has me #Hooked.

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