Fans of the now disbanded SISTAR can breathe a sigh of relief … and take in another breath of anticipation. Former member Hyorin has officially announced her comeback as a solo artist.

She took to Instagram, posting a countdown clock to mark the occasion. The teaser image shows the vocalist with her hand to her chin. You don’t see her eyes, but her mouth is set in a firm line, no-nonsense. In the upper left-hand corner, the words “#1 TO DO LIST” are set in all caps and italicized, followed by three dots.

In another image, a Post-It note hangs on a stark white wall, it’s scratchy texture evident against the smoothness behind it. She’s already checked off two items on that list: “Letting you go” and “Removing you.” The final thing for her to do now … “To say good-bye.” (Shout out to Insta handle chaseung00 for the translation, found in the comments.)

It’s clear, whatever she’s going to release, she means business, and this is just the first in a list of goals she’s ready to accomplish in the New Year.

This is the first bit of news about Hyorin’s activities since the launch of her record label, bridg3, was announced back in December. Though it’s not clear whether this is simply a single or a full-blown album release, fans will have to wait just a bit longer for the answer. Hyorin’s new project is set for release on Feb. 6.

(Instagram, Kpop Wiki.)


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