HyunA returns with the sassy new single “Lip & Hip” just four months after releasing her sixth EP, “Following.”

Though a sexy and fun concept isn’t new territory for the 10-year idol, “Lip & Hip” is a direct middle finger to those who’ve criticized her previous work. HyunA, like many female idols, comes under fire when she does a sexy concept. In fact, look no further than the comment section of the music video to see how nasty people can be. But she remains unbothered, singing “I am often sexy / I walk with a higher confidence / I feel like I look good today.” The song is a strut-worthy dance track, combining different drum synths with a bubble-pop sound which adds to the playful, carefree attitude.

The video is just as bright and confident as the song. HyunA spends half her screen time in an ’80s-themed bedroom looking for something to wear. Many of the outfits are retro, from high-waisted cutoff shorts to nylon sweatsuit jackets. The camera work is clever; as she undresses, parts of her body are covered by furniture or fun green screen effects. These shots are reminiscent to pin-up girl posters, but with a CGI flare. The other half is a colorful collage of her amazing dance skills, which highlight her lips and hips as the song would suggest.

What was your favorite part of the video?


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