Zachary “FUTURISTIC” Beck is optimistic about the possibilities in his career and is likely taking in the sights as he prepares for the next stop on his world tour, “As Seen On The Internet.” The tour, which shares the same name as the 25-year-old’s most recent album, has featured other known and emerging artists in the global hip-hop scene.

MACG Productions was one of 6,000 in the building for the multi-performance show in Munich on December 3, 2016. Set between two opposing stages within the Olympiahalle München (translation: Small Olympic Hall), FUTURISITC blazed up the crowd (figuratively and literally) with American and international special guests, such as: Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, and Germany’s own Chefket. FUTURISTIC even crowd surfed, with Instagram posts to prove it.

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Listen as Jessica Gullasch (AKA TheJessLyfe) captures his thoughts below, fresh off the stage.

Listener discretion is advised.

The multi-city tour continues next week in Australia. Ticket information is available on his official website and via Songkick.

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