The J-Pop girl group, Fairies is back with a new music video titled “Fashionable.” The video keeps it rather simple as it features the five-member girl group in what seems to be a sleek white dance studio. To contrast with the the white background, the ladies are donning black outfits with small accents of white.

Often when it comes to idol groups, outfits tend to be almost if not the same in style and look, but within the “Fashionable” music video each member of the group has their own particular outfit to reflect their own personal style. From cute and sporty to sexy, each outfit stands out on its own for each member.

The song itself is catchy and addictive. It makes you want to get up and dance along with them. In terms of the choreography, there are a lot of transitions that give each member a chance to take the center position while also executing complex hand and arm movements. For those who want to learn the choreography, this will be no easy feat. Overall, this is a great song and music video and definitely opens the door for those who are new to J-Pop and want to get into a new group.


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