Summer isn’t complete without a Jay Park bop. The multi-talented entrepreneur is back with his new single, “V.” In the classic end-of-summer style, “V” clings to the good vibes we’ve felt these last three months, allowing for one final “hoorah!” before pumpkin spice season begins.

The instrumental is easygoing; on its own, it could easily be elevator or video game menu music. A simple beat leaves room for Park to play with melody and rhythm, taking on an almost percussive quality to both his vocals and rap.

They also add an additional flavor that’s as sweet as those animated Froot Loop-esque doughnuts look. The music video is also in the summer mood, featuring girls from just about every continent. Their inclusion is cute, quirky and most importantly, respectful, unlike numerous videos flaunting women from foreign countries as souvenirs or conquests.  As you might suspect, Jay Park spends most of the song flirting but also expresses a want for an equivalent cultural exchange.

What do you think about “V”?


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