Jackie Chan’s K-pop group JJCC was scheduled to release a teaser clip for their new Japanese single “FREEDOM” on November 11, but what went up instead was a three-and-a-half-minute video that was undoubtedly the entire MV.


Fans on V App and YouTube left many comments expressing their amusement at the error, but there was also a lot of praise towards the content itself. JJCC’s label, Jackie Chan Group Korea, took about 30 minutes to realize their mistake and take down the videos on both sites. The real and much shorter teaser that you can watch below was uploaded soon after. For those who didn’t catch their slip-up, “FREEDOM” and its music video will be officially out on November 14*.

[*edit ] November 16 is when the physical album will be available; the song and music video are available online as of November 14 (KST).

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