Justin Timberlake headlined this year’s Superbowl Pepsi Halftime Show. He began the show with his new single “Filthy,” performing in the lower levels of the stadium. Climbing the steps to the catwalk, he performed “Rock Ya Body” and continued with “Señorita” on his way to the main stage.

The main stage, complete with a live brass and guitar section, was a spectacle. Clad in maroon along with the backup singers, JT performed “SexyBack,” “My Love” and “Cry Me a River.” Exiting the main stage, he proceeded onto the field for a dance break, reminding us all that even though we are more than 15 years removed from his days in N*SYNC, he can still dance as well as he did in his youth.

After the break, JT performed “Suit & Tie” on a white cube with a live band before proceeding to the B-stage and performing “End of Time” with a piano. This leads into a Prince tribute in which the surrounding portion of the city of Minneapolis was lit up in Prince’s signature purple. The B-stage section continues with “Mirror,” with dancers using mirrors in their sequence.

The show concludes with “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” during which JT climbs the steps into the stands and interacts with the audience, even taking a couple of selfies with a young man as streamers fall from the roof.

The performance was entertaining and engaging and was filled with hits and nostalgia. Justin’s vocals were crisp, not sounding fatigued in the slightest. He has certainly not lost the charisma and stage presence developed during his youth. While there is doubt if those in attendance enjoyed the performance, those watching at home were certainly engaged with this year’s Halftime Show.

(Images via the NFL website, YouTube.)

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