While understanding and supporting Hoya’s decision to not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment in fall of 2017, it still had to have been difficult for the remaining members of INFINITE to move forward. But move forward they did, releasing the group’s third full-length studio album, “Top Seed,” in early 2018.

The lead single, “Tell Me,” takes a step back from the sprawling dramatic sound of their previous release, “The Eye,” and moves into a more standard pop sound. Lyrically, the song tells the story of a young man who’s made the mistake of letting his love go, begging her to come back as he laments over his stupidity. Sungkyu leads the vocals throughout the song, with solid support from the remaining members, especially Sungjong’s sweet voice and Dongwoo’s raspy tones.

For the music video, there are a number of scenes that look to be important memories or moments between a young couple. Each scene ending with the young man waking up, only to find himself alone. Interwoven with these memories are shots lit in soft pastel pinks, blues and purples, each of the members chasing their love through a maze of doors and hallways. The music video culminates with the chase finally ending … only for the young man to wake up alone once more.

While not quite as impressive as previous releases, “Tell Me,” is a solid offering. And, to be fair, I still have “제발 다시 내게 내게 돌아와 , 제발 다시 내게 내게 돌아와 줘” running through my head on repeat hours later.

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