We often see the fun, bright side of RBW’s girl group, MAMAMOO, especially with songs such as “You’re the Best” and “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” but it’s with the first release off their sixth mini album that we get to see a different version of what this group can do. Plaintive and powerful, “Paint Me” allows the group to really let their flawless vocals shine.

While it sounds almost sad, the song is a love song of sorts. It tells the story of being a canvas, blank white and waiting to be painted upon — “I lived a lonely but satisfying life” — until their lover comes along and begins filling up their canvas with color. “Everywhere you touched is painted by different memories with different colors,” Hwasa sings, followed by pleas to “fill me with the colors” and “don’t make any empty spaces.” Both Hwasa and Solar shine as always, but it’s Wheein’s delivery and Moonbyul’s husky tones that really bring depth to the song.

The music video itself is a perfect accompaniment: bold colors against the backdrop of a black or white piano, as well as the soft focus of moonlight and a sunset sky, both showing a gorgeous simplicity that lets the viewer focus on the song itself.

[collage] mamamoo2 (1)

“Paint Me” is incredibly rich, with both its lyrical visualization and vocal strength, and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it does make this reviewer yearn for a painter of her own.

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